Industrial park on Joseph Guibord - Saint-Michel


Regular VM contributor Denis Heraud send me this series of photos of a massive Industrial park that's abandoned/closed and was set to be demolished as part of the 2025/carrière Sain-Michel project but according to La Presse the project as been shelved for now. I wasn't aware that the 2025 project extended all the way to Saint-Michel. Lady Sandra and Electroline Equipment Inc were based there. According to Denis, Electroline Equipment Inc are now located in Ville Saint-laurent.

Here's a link to a PDF file of the now shelved project.

The question is: if the project is cancelled or shelved indefinitely then what will they do with the sizable piece of real estate?

Amazing job Denis!






The image above is from the PDF file showing what the carrière Sain-Michel project would have looked and in red is where the industrial park was. The image below is from Google Maps and again in red is the abandoned industrial park area.

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