Before & After: Horse Palace - Griffintown

As construction continues around the Horse Palace in Griffintown, here's a Before & After. Ridiculous!

Before & After - Horse Palace - Griffintown


  1. Thank you for the photos. I worked for Leo at the Horse Palace in the 1970s and spent much time in what was left of Griffintown. I can't believe that behemoth rising up behind Leo's house and the tack room behind it. I know it's progress, but it's sad to see what little charm remained being sucked out of the neighbvourhood. I had many a meal at the old Coffee Pot at Wellington and Mountain. According to your caption, that too is going...going...

  2. Thank you for all of your posts regarding Griffintown. It is always with sadness that I see what is lost. I think the development is needed but it's still sad when history crumbles.
    Was this photo on Ottawa Street near Eleanor?
    I am working on an exhibition of collages, depicting Griffintown in 1940s and 1950s. One piece is about a store owned by the Guys in 50s. It was on the corner of Eleanor at Ottawa.
    Thank for keeping me up to date with what is happening.

  3. Just as ridiculous is the towering condo dwarfing Horse Palace's closest neighbor on Ottawa street. Another beautiful old house, with a large garden now deprived of much natural light.