New condo building on Préfontaine street - HOMA

Prefontaine 1

This new condo project on Préfontaine street in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district has risen on top of what used to be some offices or businesses (below). I was fortunate enough to have taken screenshots of the area before the new condo project took shape and Google updated their Google Maps/Streetview info. The below image with the grey/blue siding is older than the exposed red brick one directly after it. I don't know if they demolished the entire structure and rebuilt from scratch or that they used the frame or base and build on top of it. If anyone has some info, of what used to be there and if they kept the frame of the old building, please email me.

(image above and below: Google Streetview)

Prefontaine 4

Prefontaine 3

(image above: Google Streetview)

Prefontaine 2

(image above: Google Streetview)

You can see the stripped down structure from this Google Streetview shot seen from Moreau street in the screenshot above. Did they keep the old frame and build on top/around it?

Prefontaine 5

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