Before and After : Victoria school on De Maisonneuve - Montréal

2011 Victoria School 2

The Victoria school on de Maisonneuve in downtown Montreal got a great facelift. Excellent preservation job.

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L'école Victoria sur de Maisonneuve au centre-ville de Montréal a été entièrement rénové. Excellent travail

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Victoria school reno 2

Victoria School 1

Victoria school reno 1


  1. Quel beau projet. Pour une fois qu'un organisme public fait "beau".

  2. I went to that school in the early 50s from Kindergarten to Grade IV. The Principal's name was Mr. Fyles and one of my teacher's was named Miss Brown. I remember the overhead pipes running along the ceiling in the basement on my way to the Principal's office for scribbling on the blackboard at recess time. The upside though (and for the students as a whole), was assembling to watch the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - a first for most of us I'm sure. There was a horse stable to the left side of the school and a wonderful candy store across the street where we could buy 3 blackballs for one penny.

    1. My god, I have the same memories of those days and that school. Mrs Brown was the nicest teacher. I remember the horse stable and the candy store. Why can't you find blackballs anymore. I remember taking them out of my mouth to see what colour they were as they got smaller.
      Those were the days.

  3. Hello Bette, do you have any pictures inside the school then? I'm doing a short clip video about Victoria school then and now.

  4. The horse stable housed the horses for Guaranteed Pure Milk. I remember walking home through that alleyway in the winter and slipping and falling onto horse poop.

  5. Going back even further (c.1947) when Mr.Fiander was the custodian and he used to rescue the frozen pigeons by warming them in a deep garbagecan in the furnace room; when Miss Wardleworth was the Grade 1 teacher...she had a wonderful smile; and the candy store across the street, Izzies. In 1956 the new grade 7 teacher was Mr. Horowitz, (best teacher I ever had). His first visit to the candy store caused concern for Izzie, who asked who he was and what he was doing there. When he explained that he was a new teacher at the school, all was well. Nice to think about Izzie looking out for our safety.

  6. I went to Victoria School from grade 3 to grade 7, graduating in 1965. Mrs Fletcher was my grade 7 teacher and she was amazing. Grade 6 was Mrs. Jones, which few people really liked. Mrs. Moise was my grade 5 teacher, Mrs. Luke my grade 4 teacher. I no longer remember my grade 3 teacher. I also had attended for a few months in grade 2 before moving away temporarily. The music teacher was Mr. Savage and he earned his name well. Our gym teacher was Miss Leavitt and we all loved her. This school was amazing and I have so many memories from these times.

  7. I went to Victoria school in 1946 (grade one) and finished in grade 7. I remember Mr.Fyles, the horse barn and the candy store. I also remember the outside fire stairs on the side of the school where we used to play at recess.