Old duplex on St-Ambroise - Saint-Henri

Old duplex St-Ambroise 2

This old duplex on Saint-Ambroise in Saint-Henri was for sale last August (next to the condo project in the post below). When sold will it survive intact? The land around it makes it perfect for another condo project.
Ce vieux duplex sur la rue Saint-Ambroise dans Saint-Henri était à vendre en Août dernier (situé à côté du projet de condos dans le post ci-dessous). Quand vendu est ce qu'il survivra intact? Le terrain à l'entour le rend parfait pour un autre projet de condo.

Old duplex St-Ambroise 3

Old duplex St-Ambroise 1

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  1. That overhang on the right side of the building is kinda scary. If I were in the market for that type of building, it would be a major concern of mine. No technical reasonning behind it... just gut feeling. So I'm guessing it will become a condo.

    I do like the decorations at the top. I hope a future condo would use that type of decoration in it's design.