Vanishing garages : on De l'Eglise - Côte-Saint-Paul

Summer 2013 / Été 2013
Garage de l'eglise

This garage on De L'Eglise in Côte-Saint-Paul is now gone, soon to be replaced by a new massive condo project.
Ce garage sur De L'Eglise en Côte-Saint-Paul est maintenant une chose du passé, qui sera bientôt remplacé par un nouveau projet gigantesque de condos.

Garage de l'eglise 2

Garage de l'eglise 3

Spring 2014 / Printemps 2014

Garage gone De L'Eglise - Cote Saint Paul

Garage gone De L'Eglise - Cote Saint Paul 2

Garage gone De L'Eglise - Cote Saint Paul 3csp_church3


  1. I'm really not so sad about this. The condo complex does look ugly though. We need fewer cars and hence fewer garages in cities, and better public transport and walkability/cyclability.

    We do need better planning guidelines, though, as those ugly condos may well become slums in a few years, when they are no longer new and shiny.

  2. I agree. I don't think many miss garages but those garages had an open space aspect about them which were, ironically, healthy for the city (disregarding the toxic stuff they sell there) and these open spaces disappear with these big monolithic ugly condo projects which blocks the surrounding area and part of the sky. The city is becoming a more and more claustrophobic place with these disappearing open spaces.