Photo du jour

Demolition of duplex on St-Ferdinand in Saint-Henri. A lot of demolitions are going on in Montreal right now.

I'm taking some time off. I won't be posting for a while but my Flickr account will be updated from time to time.


Démolition de duplex sur la rue St-Ferdinand à Saint-Henri. Un grand nombre de démolitions sont en cours à Montréal en ce moment.

Je prends quelques jours de congé. Pas de nouveaux articles pendant un certain temps, mais mon compte Flickr aura des mises à jour d'une façon régulière.


  1. May your time off be cool and fun. But, you know, COME BACK, right? I've been going through the archives over the last few days and it's always interesting to see the site come up on my BlogLovin' feed. You deserve a rest, though, so I'll just stop whining.

    Thanks for all the posts and greetings from Vancouver!

  2. While I shutter to see all the buildings missing but remembered from my youth, at least many low rise condos that have taken their place have some sense of design. I can appreciate that. Are they as nice as what they replace? no. But there is definitely a style or local vernacular as you traverse from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. On the other hand, I don't see any beauty in new low rise buildings in the greater Toronto area, that is if you can even find them. I hope to do 400km of Montreal streets this August to take in all the changes.