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Construction workers building the addition to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts wave at me. I still don't know what to say about this. It seems out of place but I'll have to wait once everything is completed. This is a rare shot. Most construction workers have been uncooperative with me.
Des travailleurs de la construction de l'addition pour le Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal me salut. Je ne sais toujours pas quoi dire à ce sujet. Il semble hors de proportion vis a vis le voisinage mais je vais avoir à attendre une fois que tout est terminé. Ceci est une photo rare. La plupart des travailleurs de chantiers de construction ont été peu coopératifs avec moi.

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  1. Construction workers are usually not the friendliest bunch but these guys seem to be in a good mood. Unfortunately for them, they are working on a big pile of glass encrusted crap. The architect of this monstrosity should be made to go up the stairs of Saint - Joseph's oratory on his knees while praying for forgiveness from all the great architects that have ever lived.