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A long time abandoned building was renovated near St. Patrick street. I was in shocked when I saw this. For a change of pace, the old building wasn't demolished. I'll return to it once it's completed.
Un immeuble abandonné depuis longtemps a été rénové près de la rue Saint-Patrick. J'ai été en choque quand j'ai vu cela. Pour faire changement, un vieux bâtiment n'a pas été démoli. J'y retournerai une fois qu'il aura terminé.

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  1. This is good news. And I especially like that the developer seems to be doing a 'sympathetic' renovation and not just slapping a big new building onto the front of the old one or putting some stupid 'modern' thing on the roof to add another 10 floors. Hope to see the completed building here on the site!