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Small businesses boarded up, and have been for years, in the PMR borough. I love this small building. What a waste.

All week I've posted examples of boarded-up buildings in the Plateau Mont-Royal. Believe me, there are many more examples (which I'll post separatly in the coming weeks). For the hottest borough in Montreal, there are a lot of disaffected buildings and areas.
Des petits commerces barricadées, et ont été pendant des années, dans l'arrondissement du PMR. J'adore ce petit bâtiment. Une perte.

Toute la semaine j'ai demontré des exemples de bâtiments barricadés dans le Plateau Mont-Royal. Croyez-moi, il y a beaucoup d'autres exemples (que je publierais séparément dans les prochaines semaines). Pour l'arrondissement le plus branché de Montréal, il y a beaucoup de bâtiments et de zones défavorisés.

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  1. That's a great building. I love the scale of it and the little brick flares. Sure don't see that in newer builds.

    Here in Vancouver, a vacant 1955 stucco-clad split-level house that had obviously been with a senior long-term owner before selling is now going for $1.95 million. The new buyer bought the house a few months ago and doesn't need to do anything but sit on it until either the city permits to build a 4-plex are issued and he'll build or he'll just sell the lot with the permits for the $1.95 million.

    I supposed Montreal would be more of a long-term strategy to do something like this but I wonder if that's the case here, too.