Boutique Vanishing Montreal Store

If you want to support Vanishing Montreal and all of its many endeavors, you can always purchase some merch from the official Vanishing Montreal store. I'll be adding more designs eventually but for now here's some cool stuff available.


Si vous souhaitez soutenir Vanishing Montréal et tous ses nombreux efforts, vous pouvez toujours acheter de la marchandise dans la boutique officielle Vanishing Montreal. J'ajouterai éventuellement d'autres designs, mais pour l'instant, voici quelques trucs sympas disponibles.


  1. It says the t-shirts are produced in the UK and the prices are in Euros.

    Isn't there a local outlet you could partner with?

  2. Teespring are based in the US and service Europe from Europe. The US should service Canada. I use Teespring because I already have a store with them.