Carwash/Eco Condo - Verdun

Carwash Eco condo 1

A former carwash was torn down to make way for a small condo complex in Verdun, at the busy intersection of Lasalle Blvd, Strathmore and Rushbrooke. I took these photos in May and it looked like the project had been on hold then as it looked exactly the same as it did when I saw it back in February. I haven't visited it since then. You can see the carwash in the screengrabs from Google streetview (link). There's another condo project next to it and you can see in the third photo the solar panels on the rooftop. The panels are held by a massive beam structure that surrounds the building (this can only be viewed from the back). Pretty cool. No one will miss the (ugly) carwash but I don't know who would want to live at that busy intersection.

Carwash Eco condo 2

Carwash Eco condo 3

The former carwash. Images: Google streetview

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