New Projects on Ottawa St - Griffintown

Ottawa St 1

Two new projects are going up on Ottawa St, between De La Montagne and Peel St. The first project, on the corner of Murray and Ottawa, is almost completed where a parking lot used to be. The second project is on the corner of De La Montagne and Ottawa, where a business used to be (the white building seen in the second to last picture). There used to be a small empty lot/parking lot there too where the leafy overgrowth used to be. This is where I photographed the Teddy of Griffintown two summers ago. Straddled in between those two projects are two cute houses and in between those two houses is a large yard where horses/ponies used to live. The two photos with the animals were taken 2 years ago as well. When I was there last week, I didn't see any horses or ponies (fifth photo).

Ottawa St 2

image: google streetview

Ottawa St 3
The sale office for the condos is situated in this building. A beautiful red brick building, renovated to its former glory a few years ago and is a great example of keeping the old instead of destroying it.

Ottawa St 4
Where are the horses and ponies?

Ottawa St 5
I took these two photos two summers ago.

Ottawa St 6

Ottawa St 7New Project on De la Montagne, where a business used to be. The parking lot behind it will be part of the new project.

Ottawa St 8

Ottawa St 9The white building is gone, making way for new project on De La Montagne and Ottawa.

Ottawa st

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