Small house + old tree on Turcot - Saint-Henri

Turcot 2

This long-abandoned small house was demolished and the old tree in front of it was cut on Turcot street in Saint-Henri. The photo above was taken in the summer of 2011. The photo directly below was taken a week ago. The 4th photo was taken in spring 2012. The dilapidated house is replaceable but it's a shame they had to cut the tree. You can see the cut tree trunk in photo no 3. 

Small house on Turcot 2

Small house on Turcot 1

Small house Turcot

(image above: google streetview)


  1. I thought it was illegal to cu down a tree unless it posed some kind of danger to people or to a structure.

    As far as I can tell from your pictures, this tree was in fine shape...

  2. Bylaws in most boroughs stipulate that a tree removal permit can be granted under the condition that the tree is dead, dying or dangerous or if the tree impedes a construction project that has already been approved. This is the sad reality of today's urban forest. As the poster mentioned, with the demolition of old, dilapidated homes we often see the removal of old trees as well. Although, I see the logic in demolishing something that has more or less already been demolished by neglect, there is no reason why the trees should pay. Projects that are well thought out and environmentally conscious should supersede these almost eternal craters.