Updates: All Quiet on the Saint-Henri Front

New for 2012

51 - CineFilms building renovated, floors added for condos
52 - Famous depanneur on Ste-Emilie and Bourget demolished; updated
53 - New construction on the corner of St-Ambroise and Turgeon
54 - Alleyway (Collecteur Saint-Pierre) Woonerf project
55 - Triplex on Ste-Emilie and Turgeon: demolished
56 - Former Garda offices converted into condos
57 - 6 apartments boarded up on Acorn and Delinelle; updated: apartments demolished
58 - New condos on Ste-Emilie near St-Remi street
59 - Garage renovated and quadruplex almost abandoned
60 - Small house demolished on Ste-Marguerite
61 - Heritage site on Rose de Lima; targeted by developers
62 - Small project on Ste-Emilie
63 - Demolished small house and garage on Bourget (actually completed in 2011, with red dot)

2012 was relatively quiet in Saint-Henri compared to 2011, which saw over 40+ on going projects last year compared to the dozen or so in 2012, as listed above. The difference was quite surprising. There are still new projects popping up here and there but it has quieted down considerably in that neck of the woods. Because it would take too long and too many posts to cover all of the updates on those 40+ projects, I'll instead make a quick list of the most interesting projects:

The condo project on Bourget street is almost completed:

Bourget lot 1 Bourget imperial Bourget project

A new construction project was taking shape on the empty lot on Therien:

Therien 1 Therien 2

The massive SAMCON condo project on Maria street is completed by now:

Condo Maria 1 Condo Maria 3 Maria st project

The long-abandoned and spooky building on Louis-Cyr street has been demolished:

Louis-Cyr 2 Louis-Cyr

The long-abandoned and crumbling small house on St-Philippe street has been demolished:

St-Philippe  1 St Philippe small house

The tiny empty lot on Laporte street is now a tiny condo project:

Laporte 2 Laporte condo

Les Jardins Westmount project has been wisely rebranded as the Selby condos:

Jardins Westmount 1 Selby project

And finally, was the project on Saint-Jacques street cancelled? The last time I walked there, the banner was gone and there was no activity.

Saint-Jacques 1

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