1 Year later on De Lorimier - Montréal (Sainte-Marie)

De Lorimier panoramic

I took the two photos directly below (there's more at the original post here) back in March of 2012, which is on De Lorimier (at the corner of the small street of Laforce). When I went back there last week (above and three last photos) I was shocked to see that the digging they started well over a year ago hasn't changed much since then. Some projects pop up seemingly overnight while this one is super slow to take shape. Something must have happened for it to have stalled like this.

Delorimier 2

Above and below: March of 2012.

Delorimier 3

July 2013

De Lorimier Laforce 1

De Lorimier Laforce 2

De Lorimier Laforce 3

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