Before / After : former bowling into condo ; Avant / Après : ancien bowling maintenant condo - Verdun

Former bowling on de l'Église now condos

Former bowling on de l'Eglise, in Verdun, was transformed into condos. Previous 2011 article : link
Ancien bowling sur de l'Eglise, à Verdun, a été transformé en condos. Article précédent de 2011 : lien

(image above : google streetview)

Former bowling on de L'Eglise

Back of former bowling on de l'Église now condos under construction (2013)
From the back while under-construction in 2013 - De l'arrière durant la construction en 2013


  1. My dad owned the bowling alley (Verdun Lanes) until 1988/89. He died in 2011 so he never got to see the transformation. I teared up when I saw it for the first time.