Narrow Montreal - Montréal étroite

Profiled here at Vanishing Montreal last September the very narrow apartment building in St-Henri, on the corner of St-Jacques and St-Philippe, is currently being renovated. This photo were taken in October and I passed by there last week and the renovations were still on-going.
Profilé ici a Vanishing Montréal septembre dernier, les appartements très étroits à St-Henri, à l'angle de St-Jacques et St-Philippe, est en cours de rénovation. Cette photo a été prise en Octobre et j'ai  passaé par là la semaine dernière et les rénovations étaient toujours en cours.

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  1. OK so now I see how this functions!
    I live on this street - a corner away, actually.
    This street is tree-lined and two trees have been chopped down for the construction.
    Garbage litters the sidewalk and street. No respect for the neighbors.
    In essence - the people working here are yahoos.