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This 'relatively' new building on the St-Laurent blvd was already undergoing renovations last summer. You can view how it looked like back in 2011 at Google street view. Hmm...
Ce bâtiment situé sur le boulevard St-Laurent,  qui est «relativement» nouveau, a déjà été l'objet de rénovations été dernier. Vous pouvez voir comment il ressemblait en 2011 avec Google street view. Hmm ...


  1. Horrible architecture. Not a shred of class or originality. Reminds me of the post WW2 built apartment buildings I grew up in CDN. I can't imagine anyone wanting to pay to buy a condo in this building.

  2. This thing has been under contruction forever. I always had the impression that they were having trouble selling the units.

    It should have a commercial on the lower level.

    To be continued...