Before / After - Avant / Après : Hadley - CSP


  1. I really like the new building and the whole block looks much better. The decorative brick work at the top is a nice touch.

  2. Whoever is the developer should get all the kudos and a few 'bravo's, too.

    And, yeah, that decorative brick work is great to see. It's a very utilitarian building and not particularly showy but is now very dignified looking.

    I wonder how hard it was to find brickworkers who could do the job.

    Too bad the apartment next door lost it's distinctive brick arch at the roof level. Ah, well. Guess you can't have everything.

  3. While I love how the character of the street is kept with he higher density building, but using black framed windows and doors looks haunting or "incorrect" in some way. White framed windows would have looked way better. I tried this myself on my 1950's subdivision home, black framed windows are all the rage trend wise right now, but when my window firm did a mockup, I saw no matter how awesome my home would look it would clash with everything on my street. I elected to stay with white.