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Beautiful red brick building on Lucien-L'Allier street. It was built in 1890. Someone who works for the city said in my twitter feed a year ago that this building would be saved as part of a mega project near the metro station. Still nothing. Hmm...
Beau bâtiment en brique rouge de la rue Lucien-L'Allier. Il a été construit en 1890. Quelqu'un qui travaille pour la ville a dit dans mon twitter il y a un an que ce bâtiment serait sauvé dans le cadre d'un méga projet près de la station de métro. Toujours rien. Hmm ...


  1. Thanks for pointing out this building John, been keeping my eye on it since regularly park on the adjacent Argyle street. Quite a history too:

    I travel lots round North America seeing other cities restoring buildings like this to highlight their beauty & heritage, Montreal's still trapped in the Drapeau days of seeing old in the way of progress. No one looks twice at all the generic glass towers encroaching round it..
    Happy 375 Montreal!

  2. I hope 'saved' doesn't end up the city just keeping the front and side bricked walls and fitting in a new and modern building behind and above the walls. The building is big enough and impressive enough to be able to stand on it's own as a smaller-scale development - not swallowed up in some banal mega-project.

  3. This is the building where many scenes (outside at least) of the Denys Arcand movie "Love and Human Remains" were shot.

  4. Il me semble que la démolition va bon train...