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Entrance of the new hotel on St-Vincent street in Old Montreal. It's sorta integrated with the surroundings but the cinder block style masonry, which is very popular now with new projects, is not a favorite of mine. IMO, it makes everything look cheap. Oh well...

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Entrée du nouvel hôtel de la rue St-Vincent dans le Vieux-Montréal. L’hôtel est intégré avec les vieux bâtiments, mais la maçonnerie en bloc de cendres, qui est très populaire maintenant avec les nouveaux projets, est un look assez cheap. Tant pis...

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  1. It's as if all the developers in Montreal decided to hire the worst architects they could find. You graduated in last place from the Nicolae Ceausescu school of architecture, you're our man!
    It's sad what has befallen a once beautiful and elegant city.