Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beaver Hall & Viger - Altoria Condo Complex

Altoria condo 1

A new massive condo/office complex, the Altoria, will rise where these building are (or were), on Beaver Hall and Viger. I'm ambivalent about this one. I'm probably the only one who actually liked this corner. First, I love old red brick buildings and they are an endangered species in downtown Montreal. It's not a beautiful building per se but it shows the type that was built back in the day and there's something just solid about that you have to admire. Second, I love the look of the adjoining building, which will also be demolished, the way it rests on the inclination. It has a retro sleek design to it that you don't find much in Montreal and it will be history. The value of the land in the area doomed them to oblivion. Third, the open space feel of the area will be greatly diminished too. The building is set to be 33 storeys high and will change the general  outlook of Square Victoria, making it more closed in than it need be. But of all the new projects rising in Montreal, I have to admit that this is the one that I find with the greatest value. The view from inside the condos, or even the offices, will simply be amazing.

I used to work in the area for 3 years and during that time I walked down Beaver Hall every day and ate at Victory Hot Dogs every other day, for a quick lunch.

A mix of 35mm and digital photos.

Altoria condo 2

Altoria condo 3

Altoria condo 4

Altoria condo - Victory Hot Dog
This is where Victory Hot Dog used to be. They claimed they made the best hot dogs in town.

(image: google streetview)

Altoria condo 7

Altoria condo 6

Altoria condo 5