Abandoned/crumbling building on De Richelieu - Saint-Henri

4:37 PM

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 1

New set of photos of the crumbling, abandoned building near De Richelieu street in Saint-Henri. I've already posted something about this almost 2 years ago (here) but this time I had a better digital camera. As the last photo shows, the crumbling building sits next to new condo projects.

Note: I've been unusually quiet about Saint-Henri for a while now. There's a reason for that: there are few projects going on right now or this past summer BUT I need to do an update on many projects which started last summer and will show the completed or near completed state of those projects. I'll do most of those updates and the few new projects in one swoop. So stay tuned on stuff on Saint-Henri.

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 2

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 3

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 4

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 5

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 6

Abandoned building on de Richelieu 1

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  1. Thanks for the posts - you have developed an incredible site!

    There is a cool video of the graffiti in this building called "Jump the Fence" on YouTube. The address is:


  2. does anyone have information about what this building was when it was functional?


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