Condo project on Mountain Sights avenue - Côte-des-Neiges

Condo Mountain Sights 1

An ultra massive condo project on Mountain Sights and Jean-Talon is being built slowly but surely. There used to be some sort of big sprawling stripmall/businesses there but the entire building is gone, with just a small part of it still there. This condo complex is just next to the SPCA. I've recently been in the area twice and there's constant backing and waling from dogs coming from the SPCA building and it's hard to imagine people who will be living there will tolerate the sad noise. Something will have to give in and I don't think the new condos are going anywhere. There are 3 Phases right now, will a potential of 4 additional Phases in the future (link). Yippee!

(image above: google streetview)

Condo Mountain Sights 2

Condo Mountain Sights 3

Condo Mountain Sights 4
 You can see the other big condo project nearby, called Rêve. More on this in the following post.

Condo Mountain Sights 5
As seen from Jean-Talon street.

(image above: google streetview)

Condo Mountain Sights 6
Part of the old building can still be seen. It matches with the image from Google streetview below.

 (images above and below: google maps)

The old red brick building in between the two condo projects is in a tight spot.

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