Rue Allard - Ville-Émard

The street that time forgot.

From time to time, I'll be posting a series of photos of a certain street. Here are some from Allard street in Ville-Émard. When I took these photos it was a hot day (see photo with the cat) and very quiet. The neighborhood seems to be eclipsed by Verdun and LaSalle. While houses there are sold quickly in those two neighborhoods, I came across several "for sale" signs for houses/apartments on Allard which showed "prix reduit." Either they're asking for too much or no one is interested in the area.

The Saint-Jean-de-Matha church is an interesting design. I like the open-air bell tower concept.

Allard 1

Allard 2

Allard 3

Allard 4

Allard 5

Allard 6

Allard 7

Allard 8

Allard 12

Allard 13

Allard 14

allard 15

Allard 16
Yes, it was a hot day!

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  1. A lot has changed since this article was written...