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Building with round window / hub 2

Unique window. Probably the only such window for a house in all of Montreal (the world?). It's been there since the 1970s. Groovy! It can be yours since it's up for sale. On Verdun street.

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Fenêtre unique. Probablement la seul fenêtre de maison comme cela dans l'ensemble de Montréal (le monde?). Toujours pareil depuis les années 1970. Groovy! Il peut être le vôtre, car il est a vendre. Se trouve sur la rue Verdun.

Plus de photos sur Flickr : ici, ici, ici


  1. Il y a des fenêtres comme ça au Centre Champagnat, 5017, rue Saint-Hubert.

    Bonne journée :)

  2. Merci pour l'info.

    J'ai verifier sur Google maps et ca se ressemble mais ce n'est pas exactement pareil. Je vais vérifier celui sur St-Hubert en personne. :-)

  3. Your guesstimate of the time frame for those windows is probably pretty close, I cam out west from Montreal in the 70's & as you sated you think those are the only windows in the world like that, well there were then & still are now one bldg. with the round windows here in Victoria BC although they have since been changed slighlty they were those bulbous style at the corner of Finlayson & Cedar Hill . I have some pics for you that I took just a couple of days ago. I doubt I can add them to this msg. but somehow I will get them to you. Cheers ! LesF