On going : construction Place Jacques-Cartier ; En cours : construction Place Jacques-Cartier

Big construction hole located between Place Jacques Cartier and Saint-Vincent street in Old Montreal. Le Saint Amable hotel will be built there. It's amazing that a big construction like this right in the middle of historical Old Montreal hardly elicited any media in the city. Well that's Montreal for ya. Top photo is a super panoramic composite (also posted at Montréal Panoramique) best viewed at Flickr.
Immense trou de construction situé entre la Place Jacques-Cartier et la rue Saint-Vincent dans le Vieux-Montréal. Le projet est l'hôtel Le Saint Amable. Il est étonnant qu'une construction comme ça au milieu du Vieux-Montréal à peine créée des manchettes dans les médias dans notre ville. C'est bien Montréal pour toi. Photo ci-dessus est une image super panoramique (également posté à Montréal Panoramique) à voir sur Flickr.

Demolition/Construction Place Jacques-Cartier 2

Demolition/Construction Place Jacques-Cartier 3

Demolition/Construction Place Jacques-Cartier 4

Demolition/Construction Place Jacques-Cartier 5

Demolition/Construction Place Jacques-Cartier 6

Demolition/Construction Place Jacques-Cartier 7


  1. Ha ha! I agree! I'm surprised there isn't any controversy (as everything becomes a controversy in Montreal... especially bridges!) Why are Pointe-Claire residents angry about the demolition of a common bungalow (http://www.lechodunord.ca/Community/2014-07-31/article-3819042/Angry-Pointe-Claire-residents-prevent-controversial-demolition/1 ) and there's barely any news about this contruction site.

    Is it taking the place of "Avenue des artistes"?

  2. Yes, it does. It's on St-Amable and Saint-Vincent streets. I actually bought a painting there a few years ago. Montrealers don't seem to care or are blaze.

  3. Hey John!

    I took some great pictures here before it all got torn down (on St-Vincent and in the little alley leading to the Place JC). Check your inbox in the next few days.

    The pictures I took were from about the same time frame as the Google image here (before the rest of the buildings were torn down):


    And here is the GSV of the point of view of your second picture. To be honest, I don't think the building on the Place Jacques Cartier had a lot of architectural value. Any info on that building's origins?