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Robin backyard

A robin making a visit in my backyard. It's a shame I couldn't capture it face forward. The robin stayed on the fence like this for a long time before I gave up on getting a photo of it looking my way. Feeding birds after April is against regulations here in Montreal which always saddens me because it's usually the time rarer birds like this one usually make an appearance. This spring was really cool (still cool today) and birds were clearly starving so I fed them if even I could get a fine doing this. I understand why the city enforces this but it's still stupid since the vast majority of people don't feed birds.
Un merle américain faisant une petite visite dans ma cour. C'est dommage que je ne pouvais pas le capturer de l'avant. Le merle est resté sur la clôture comme ça pendant un long moment avant que je me suis résigné. C'est contre les règlements ici à Montréal de nourrir les oiseaux après avril qui me désole toujours parce c'est habituellement le moment les oiseaux rares comme celui-ci font généralement une apparition. Ce printemps était vraiment frais (comme aujourd'hui) et les oiseaux avaient clairement faim donc je les nourrissais si même je pourrais obtenir une amende. Je comprends pourquoi la ville applique ce reglement, mais c'est toujours stupide puisque la grande majorité des gens nourrissent pas les oiseaux.


  1. Exactly which city agency administrates and enforces this bird feeding regulation?

    Have you ever heard of it being enforced?

    I'm genuinely curious.

  2. The city patrols. They drive around in small city designated cars. I got several warnings years ago to stop feeding birds once spring kicked in. The by-laws might have changed since then but it's mostly due to feeding pigeons which is hard to prevent or control with a free standing bird feeder.