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Abandoned and boarded up fourplex in St-Henri. This place has been abandoned for a long time, as far back as 2010 and yet the plywood were installed just during the last year and half or so.
Abandonné et barricadé quadruplex à St-Henri. Cet endroit a été abandonné pendant une longue période, d'aussi loin que 2010 et le plywood a été installé seulement tout au cours de la dernière année et demie.

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  1. Off street parking (you don't even have to drive fully through the passage so that makes things easy) and a decent backyard (otherwise there wouldn't be a passage at all) - this would be a very nice place to pick up and work on for someone. Like me. If, you know, I still lived in Montreal and had the patience and bank account.

    I'd just love for someone to take this project on, do a sympathetic renovation and make this gem shine.

    And for the love of Elvis, *not* that ugly 'urban concrete block' stuff like we see on the left.

    I wonder if there's any interesting brick work under all that wood?