Ugly Montreal

I don't know what to say about this...it might have looked cool on paper but in reality..!
Je ne sais pas quoi dire...c'était probablement cool en théorie mais en réalité..!


  1. Without a doubt one of the ugliest structures I have ever seen, although it looks like it would survive a tactical nuclear strike.

  2. Well, if this is anything like any other Montreal construction that heavily relies on concrete and rebar, this thing is already falling apart and is showing it closer up.

    The only way this design could have been saved was by adding colourful tiles over a lot of the wall or maybe some great monumental graffitti that could be renewed every few years. There's some prime spots for it, too.

    At least it would look nice before chunks of the building started falling off or crumbling.

    Love the blog and thanks for all the efforts!