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Deep hole for the construction of a new ventilation system for the metro on St-Timothee street. The whole place is closed and it was difficult getting some pictures. An amazing site to see.

I'm taking some time off.
Trou profond pour la construction d'un nouveau système de ventilation pour le métro sur la rue St-Timothée. L'endroit est fermé et il était difficile d'obtenir quelques photos. Assez étonnant à voir.

Je prends quelques jours de congé.

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  1. Whenever I see a deep hole, I turn right back into an 8-year-old kid - I *have* to see what's happening and look through fences and look at the way the construction is being done. Whatever adult poise I have disappears. I just try to be discrete. Not that that works every time :-)

    Have fun on your time off!