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The demolition of houses on May street continued today. They cleared out the first house they demolished yesterday and they halved another house. There's very little attention from the media on this. Accessing the site is a bit difficult since everything has been corded off.
La démolition des maisons sur la rue May a continuée aujourd'hui. Ils ont défriché la première maison qu'ils ont démoli hier et ils ont réduits de moitié une autre maison. Il y a très peu d'attention des médias sur cette histoire. Accès au site est assez difficile puisque tout a été barré.


  1. I google some images of the houses along the street. There are some fantastic architectural features (including some fantastic wooden double front doors) that I hope were salvaged either by the home owners or by a salvage company.

    Any idea if any salvaging happened? It's just such utter waste if nothing was reclaimed.

  2. I'm not aware if they are preserving some stuff. I doubt it by the way they're going about the demolition.

    You can view the details here:

    May street

    1. Jesus. I hope either the sellers or whoever officially owns the buildings right before demolition made a point of reclaiming as much of the material as possible to save it and keep it out of the landfills. Let Habitat for Humanity or other contractors/renovators who see the fantastic value of reclaiming architectural heritage take as much as they can, man.

  3. Most of the media does not pay attention to many issues of importance in society. It is mostly concerned with selling crap or covering nonsense such as the Kardashians or the new products Apple is peddling. That is why your site is of great value and importance to people who are concerned with preserving our heritage. Keep up the great work!