Photos du jour

More on May street : Today's weather was dreadful so I didn't visit the site. Here are some photos I took last August. Most homes were already boarded up and door handles were removed.
Plus sur la rue May: La météo aujourd'hui était horrible, donc je n'ai pas visiter le site. Voici quelques photos que j'ai pris en août dernier. La plupart des maisons étaient déjà barricadées et les poignés de porte étaient enlevées.


  1. It looks like the windows in and above the doors are boarded over so maybe the owners had started removing the stained glass? Looks like the door facing and handle/knob is already gone which makes me a bit hopefull that the actual doors and other features have been reclaimed.

    Please let that be true, please let that be true, please let that be true... .

    1. I visited the houses that last week before destruction and by the cover of darkness armed with a screwdriver, flashlight and my camera I managed to collect some doorknobs cover in very ornate fleur de lys pattern, a transom from the front entrance and a ton of photos. Did I mention I had to crawl behind the fence to get in...phew.
      RIP May Street.


      And more on the nighttime adventure!

    3. Janet you're awesome. Next time you do that sort of thing let me come with!