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Buildings on the corner of King and Wellington were pretty much destroyed by fire (suspected to be an act of arson) over two weeks ago. The facade and parts of the buildings, including a chimney, were still standing after the blaze but the city decided to bring everything down. The building dates back to 1880s. They were part of a condo project that was eventually abandoned. And now this. Needless to say I'm shocked. The buildings were beautiful (and from someone I know who went inside, beautiful inside as well). Soon there will be nothing left in the area but new condo projects. It's bleak.
Bâtiments sur le coin des rues King et Wellington ont été quasiment détruits par le feu (soupçonnés d'être un acte d'incendie criminel) il y a plus de deux semaines. La façade et des parties des bâtiments, y compris une cheminée, étaient encore debout après l'incendie, mais la ville a décidé de mettre tout a terre. Ils remontent aux alentours des 1880s. Les bâtiments faisaient partie d'un projet de condo qui a été abandonné. Et maintenant ceci. Inutile de dire que je suis en choque par tout cela. Les bâtiments étaient beaux (et de quelqu'un que je connais qui est allé à l'intérieur, très beau à l'intérieur). Bientôt, il n'y aura plus que de nouveaux projets de condos dans ce coin. Assez désolant cette affaire.


  1. Montreal has had a problem with criminal arson for decades and I'm sure this is no exception. Be it restaurant owners torching their failed ventures or developers paying someone to get rid of a pesky heritage structure that is impeding a new development, this is a problem that will probably continue to occur.

    1. Agree, I worked indirectly for Prevel, the developers of the neighboring Quai de la Commune who do great work incorporating heritage buildings in their condo projects, and tried to buy these now destroyed buildings. The long time owners refused, did a half ass attempt to market their property without experienced help, and then the buildings mysteriously go up in flames. I can't accuse the owners but no doubt they're happy to see them go. The city's indifferent as usual