Before / After - Avant / Après : banque Molson bank - St-Henri

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  1. Another Molson Bank - this time in Vancouver (http://pasttensevancouver.tumblr.com/post/38639736731/molsonsbank1925).

    The building is undergoing heavy renovation. I never knew it was a Molson bank building until recently when the name that had been carved into the stonework was re-guilded in gold. The building was the old Roosevelt SRO hotel but has been managed as a non-profit housing initiative (https://www.phs.ca/index.php/project/roosevelt-hotel/)

    It's right behind the Carnegie Centre library on Hastings & Main. I used to live across the street in the fantastic Ford building (built in 1912).

    Glad to see not everything is being torn down in Montreal (*and* Vancouver) for ugly condos. Gives me a bit of hope!