Demolitions 2016 (part 2) - Démolitions 2016 (2eme partie)

Here's a list of buildings, houses or other structures that were altered, demolished or observed as being demolished in 2016.
Voici une liste de bâtiments, maisons ou autres structures qui ont été changés, démolis ou observés comme étant démolis en 2016. 

rue Wellington street

avenue du Parc ave.

rue St-Laurent street

rue Lesage street

autoroute Bonaventure

rue R. Levesque street

Building R. Levesque

rue Notre-Dame street

rue St-Jacques street

rue Moreau street

rue de la Montagne street

rue de Courcelle street

de Courcelle apartments

rue Labelle street

1 comment:

  1. Bonaventure expressway - good riddance. The Wellington factory building, sad loss. The loss of pre-WWII industrial buildings all over Montreal is quite sad. There is so much land, there's just no need to erase so much history.