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Indoor parking

An indoor parking in the downtown area is a reminder of a Montreal that's slowly disappearing (addendum : this was the old Victoria skating rink which was converted into a parking in 1925)
Un stationnement intérieur dans le centre-ville est un rappel d'un Montréal qui disparaît progressivement (note : auparavant, c'était l'ancienne patinoire Victoria qui a été transformée en stationnement en 1925)


  1. I believe this was the Victoria Skating Rink. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victoria_Skating_Rink

  2. That is not just any parking lot. That structure was originally the Victoria Skating Rink, site of the first ever indoor hockey game and the reason why the standard indoor ice surface for hockey in North America is 200' by 85'.

  3. That building wasn't always a parking a parking garage. That's the Victoria Skating Rink, site of the world's first ever indoor hockey game, opened in 1862. It's the reason that standard North American hockey surfaces are 200' by 85'.