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Yet another massive set of ugly condos going up in Griffintown. The condo explosion in Montreal started roughly in 2009, the year I started the blog. In 2019, that will make it 10 years of changes to the urban landscape of the city.
Encore un autre gigantesque ensemble de condos en construction à Griffintown. L'explosion de condo à Montréal a commencé à peu près en 2009, l'année où j'ai commencé le blog. En 2019, ce sera dix ans de changement dans le paysage urbain de la ville.

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  1. While we can debate the architectural quality of these condo buildings, at least they are not 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 plus floors like in Toronto area. When I'm in Montreal, I marvel at all the mid rise buildings built since 2000. The scale is so much less oppressive. I do adore this blog and share it with expat Montrealers I run into in the Toronto area.