Condo project on l'Hotel de Ville - Montréal

2:20 PM

Rue Hotel de Ville 1

Another massive condo project, without a name, that's going on right now with little fanfare or totally under the radar. There are many condo projects going on right now where they don't even bother  identifying it or are totally anonymous. No sales office. There's no billboard or anything saying what's going on. Nothing. It's on the corner of l'Hotel de Ville and Charlotte in Downtown Montréal. After a little research on them interwebs I found out that it's actually phase 3 of a construction project that started years ago with that ugly bland building in the background of the top photo. A huge parking lot was situated there before this project.

Rue Hotel de Ville 2

(image above: google streetview)

Rue Hotel de Ville 3

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  1. Hey bien, c'est le vieux stationnement en face de mon ancien logement... Mon logement devrait être ici, mais il manque les escaliers extérieurs qui montaient sur un bacon au deuxième, où j'habitaient, avec aussi la porte du logement du troisième, ça fait pas mal drôle de voir ça;


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