Mac Clinic Building - Pointe-St-Charles

Rue Centre Mac Shop 1

The building in Pointe-St-Charles where the Mac Clinic computer repair shop used to be on Rue du Centre and de Condé was demolished for a new condo project. Mac Clinic are now located in LaSalle.

(image: google streetview)

Rue Centre Mac Shop 2

Rue Centre Mac Shop 4

Rue Centre Mac Shop 3


  1. My husband (he's from here in England) reads your blog too and he wonders about all these condos sprouting up all the time in Montreal and who actually buys them? My sister who went to university and now has a good job working with disabled kids, couldn't afford one so had to move off island to Two Mountains. Every time we go back to Montreal to visit my family, it seems another one has magically appeared.

    I think once we worked out that even if we sold our house here in England, even with the strong British pound against the Canadian dollar and somehow managed to get the exact same jobs in Montreal as we do here (and my husband makes a good decent wage), we STILL couldn't afford to buy one.

    So the question is..who buys them? Is Montreal now a city of millionaires or is everyone is BIG debt?

  2. I know what you mean. There are so many condos being built and at high prices that I keep wondering who's buying all of them. On Nun's Island alone, there's an abundance of condos there. I don't get it. But that's what's happening and it's not about to stop.