Le William condo project - Griffintown

Le William 1

Major condo project on William between St-Martin and Des Seigneurs in Griffintown. This is a big project with two individual buildings on the single site built around the existing old factory. The old factory will be part if phase One with a bigger addition integrated next to it on Des Seigneurs and phase Two will be situated on the St-Martin street side. There will be a spacious inner courtyard between the buildings. Previously, part of the land was mostly parking space but two structures (storage?) were demolished in the process.

Le William 5

(image: google streetview)

Le William 4

Le William 3

The two structures that were demolished formely on William and St-Martin 
(image: google streetview)

Le William panoramic 2
A panoramic shot of the construction site from Des Seigneurs

(image: google streetview)

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