Update: Bus depot on Wellington - Griffintown

Bus depot on Wellington 2

The commercial bus depot on Wellington st in Griffintown is now history, as the two top photos show. Most people won't miss it but I liked that corner. It sorta was a nowhere land of sorts where only cars, going or leaving downtown, drove by it.

2 summers ago, before the entire brouhaha about the impending changes that would take place in the neighborhood, I waited for the 107 bus there for what seemed to be an eternity. The day was hot and humid. Previously, I had spent several hours taking photos of the area and my feet needed a rest. Standing there, where few people stood, cars coming and going, with the overgrown weed and grass jutting out of cracks on the sidewalks and scorching pavement, I remember thinking that this moment won't happen again. Even with the traffic going by, it was a very peaceful and quiet moment, just near downtown Montreal.

Bus depot on Wellington 1

Bus garage 1

Bus garage 2

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