Update: Horse Palace + Ottawa construction - Griffintown

Horse Palace Griffintown 1

Just a few snapshots of the Horse Palace + triplex in Griffintown on Ottawa street seeminly surrounded by construction from all sides. There's a bin in the yard but I was told the bin is for the construction site on De La Montagne and Ottawa. The construction started late spring of last year and they've only reached ground level almost a year later. Hmm...

The triplex and horse palace were recently purchased by a condo developer who promised they'll preserve something of it but Phillis Lambert went before city hall to complain about its fate (and a few other endangered spots in Montreal) and how many places are being recklessly demolished.

Horse Palace Griffintown 2
Horse Palace Griffintown 2
Horse Palace Griffintown
Ottawa st condo
The new condo is completed (on the corner of Murray and Ottawa) and sorta blends with the older triplex that's just next to the horse palace.

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  1. Jean-Philippe DufresneMay 6, 2012 at 10:03 PM

    The horse palace doesn't seem to be inhabited anymore... I pass on this street everyday to go to work and I haven't seen any horse there in the last 2 years... I hope they won't demolish the triplexes with the charming dormer windows.