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- Stats: the majority of visitors only look at the first page. At least 90% of visitors do not go beyond the main page even though there's 3 years worth of stuff here.

To make things simpler, all posts are listed on the left hand side, with the top ten most viewed listed there as well. Just look at that to make browsing the blog easier.

- The majority of people who send comments are former Montrealers living outside of Montreal, in Toronto or Vancouver or another province, or the US or Europe. Hmm…yes, Montrealers have posted but the ratio is much greater with former Montrealers.

- Because the majority of visitors do not go beyond the main page, I'll be adding new permanent pages. I created two new permanent pages: VANISHING GRIFFINTOWN and SMALL HOUSES. I'll add more permanent pages in the future, probably about specific neighborhoods to make it simpler. Permanent pages are listed just below the banner.

- Limitations and locations: it's physically impossible for one person like me to cover the entire island of Montreal. I concentrate in Downtown, Old Montreal, HOMA, Village, Griffintown, Pointe St-Charles, Little Burgundy, Verdun, Cote Saint Paul, Ville Emard, Lasalle with posts in Westmount, Cote des Neiges, Saint Michel, Rosemont, etc. There are some areas that I'll probably never cover myself because they are too far from where I live (Ahuntsic is a good example). If some want to send photos my way of those areas, I'll give full credit and post them here. Denis Heraud and others have contributed to the blog.

- Suggestions are always welcome. The one problem with suggestions is that they're often about places I've already posted about (see reason number 1 for that). Before sending out a suggestion, just double check the blog to see if I covered it. There's a search option in the top left.

- I'm currently working on 70+ locations (new locations, updates, topics, etc) with literally dozens added per week. Some are more important than others and they take priority. There's so much stuff going on at the present that I'll try posting more often than before. The problem with posting lotsa stuff several times a week is that it doesn't give visitors the chance to see those posts on the main page as they're being bumped off of it (again see reason number 1).

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