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The location for the old Chapters bookstore is now a Victoria's Secret megaboutique in downtown Montreal. It's the 2nd largest VS store in the world.
L'emplacement de l'ancienne librairie Chapters est maintenant une méga boutique Victoria Secret au centre-ville de Montréal. C'est le 2e plus grand magasin VS dans le monde.


  1. I used to love going to this Coles location back in the 80's. A sad statement on the decline of western civilization, when a bookstore gets replaced by women's underwear.

  2. We used to actually hang out in there as kids. Second floor where the couches (and coffee shop?) were. My brother, sister and I would get books and read. All kinds of books. While my mom perused the aisles for her stuff. This was only maybe 20 years ago. I was so sad when I heard it was being replaced.