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Acces to the Des Carrières overpass on Papineau. I remember this overpass during my youth and when I took these photos it was the first time I've been there since then and what a shock to see the nice overpass in such terrible conditions.
L'accès au viaduc des Carrières de la rue Papineau. Je me souviens de traverser ce viaduc quand j'etais tout petit. Le choc de voir le beau viaduc dans des conditions terribles quand j'ai pris ces photos, la première fois que je suis passé par là depuis ma jeunesse.

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  1. It looks like it's about to collapse at any moment. I wonder how many billions of dollars in infrastructure money Montreal would need to repair all the projects that require work in the city. I'm sure it would be in the tens of billions. Maybe with Justin in Ottawa the money will start flowing.