Vieux Munich/Medley

Vieux Munich/Medley 2

The 100 year old building, which once housed the famous Vieux Munich and later on Le Medley, has been closed for some time now and it will be demolished and replaced with a new condo project. Here's an article about its closing at CBC. I went there several times in the 1980s when it was the Old Munich and it was a blast.

Vieux Munich/Medley 1

Vieux Munich/Medley 3

How it looked like during its fabled Vieux Munich days. Below is how the new condo project, Le Metropole, will look like.


  1. I liked going to Old Munich! The first time I went was with my dad and step mom and various step-cousins. At 13, I was probably too young to be there but they let my sister and me in with them anyways. It was cool, my dad laughed alot. Good memory. :)

    Sad the building is going for ANOTHER condo.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I had a great time over there with my German colleague at the time I used to live in Montreal. Well, time to move on and keep the good memories! I hardly dare to check the rest of your blog - too scared half of the city as a left it some 20 odd year ago does not exist anymore :-)

  3. I was nearly 16 when we went on a school rugby trip to Canada in 1983. Almost as soon as we got there we doctored our ID cards to make us all 18. I remember going to the Old Munich, drinking way too much (served large pitchers of beer by Bob the waiter), but having one of the best nights ever. Quite saddened to see it's no longer there. But that's progress I suppose, not.

  4. The Old Munich...a classic spot. Personally, I would prefer to se the Old Munich on that corner than a new condo tower but c'est la vie.

  5. before "Le vieux Munich" it was the showroom of Desjardins Fourrures

  6. While I was in Montreal from Mexico I went to have a beer and some german dishes, very festive and crowded with many young couples dancing happily, it was a nice memory in 1979.