Photo du jour

Vanishing view. New buildings in Griffintown are so close they can see inside the the condo on the other side. What's the point of paying good money just to have a view of another building? The avenues in Verdun have more room to breath than this. Oh well...
Vue claustrophobique. Nouveaux bâtiments à Griffintown sont si proches qu'ils peuvent voir à l'intérieur du condo de l'autre côté. Quel est le point de payer de l'argent juste pour avoir une vue d'un autre bâtiment? Les avenues de Verdun ont plus d'espace pour respirer que cela. Tant pis...


  1. I can't believe buildings this ugly are being built in Montreal in 2016. Are the developers using the architects from the Nicolae Ceausescu school of architecture.

  2. I just can't imagine what the winds whipping through those buildings are going to do to trees, balconies and people in the area... .