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Milton Park - small house on Durocher 2

There was a proposal last fall to demolish this small house on Durocher street in Milton Park (PMR). The detailed proposal can viewed here : pdf file. I have to go back there and see if it's still there.
L'automne dernier une 'étude' été proposé pour démolir cette petite maison sur la rue Durocher à Milton Park (PMR). L'étude peut être visualisé ici: fichier pdf. Je dois y retourner et voir si elle est toujours là.


  1. What style do you even call this place?

    And the most important question: which half of the property gets that picture window in the middle?

  2. This 'house' used to be a stable back in the day and then a garage for a mansion that was demolished in the 1950s. This place is very old.